Monterey Zoo’s new exhibit will have a zoo-style barber pole!

Posted August 12, 2018 06:25:25A new exhibit at Monterey’s Monterey Aquarium has the idea of putting a barber’s pole on top of a barbershop.

The exhibit, called The Lips of Love, opened last month, but now its up to the public to show their support.

The new barber shop will be the first in the zoo’s new Monterey Village, which is scheduled to open next year.

Monterey Mayor Robert J. Correa announced the new store on Facebook.

“This is truly an opportunity to introduce visitors to a truly unique and intimate part of Monterey County, one that is still emerging from the recession,” Correa said.

“The Lips are the perfect opportunity for visitors to feel the warmth of our community, and we hope that this will bring a new level of interest and appreciation for this unique community.”

The Lip of Love will feature live animals, interactive exhibits, music and art and more.

The barbers will be able to choose from different hairstyles, and the pole will be suspended in the air.

The pole will also allow visitors to use it for a face lift.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to open a new chapter in the life of the Monterey Animal Center, and hope that visitors will have the same experience as we did with our first Lips exhibit,” said Mark Stapleton, chief executive officer of the zoo.

“We will also be providing more information about the Lips soon, including new details on what to expect at the new exhibit.”

The new exhibit is being designed by architect David Binder.

It will be built on top the existing Animal Hospital exhibit.