How to spot a Dallas Cowboys fan with a Dallas Mavericks jersey

How do you spot a Cowboys fan who is a fan of a team that won’t lose?

One man has a simple and powerful solution: put on your Mavericks jersey and tell him you’re a Cowboys supporter.

Jason Stiles, a 37-year-old father of two from Kansas City, Kan., has been watching the Cowboys for the last three seasons, but hasn’t been able to find anyone who loves the team.

“I feel like the team just gets worse and worse and we don’t win anymore,” he said.

“I was going to go buy a Cowboys jersey and get my friends to get their own Cowboys jerseys,” Stiles said.

“But I just thought that might be a little bit too difficult.

I just didn’t want to lose my sanity.”

The Cowboys are 8-5 this season and on the brink of their fourth straight playoff berth.

A loss in this spot would put them just one game out of first place in the NFC East.

But there’s no denying that Dallas is a better team than last season.

They have the league’s fourth-best defense and rank second in points allowed per game.

It’s also the team with the best offensive line.

“This is a great team,” Stile said.

So he took it upon himself to show his support.

He wore a Cowboys hat and started posting photos of himself wearing the team’s uniform and jersey to Twitter and Instagram.

He started tweeting that he liked Dallas.

His fans were more than willing to buy him a ticket and show him their support.

“It really didn’t take long to get some good responses,” Stils said.

After a few days of fanboy love, he noticed a Dallas fan with the exact same hat who was visiting him at the hospital.

“He got the jersey and I said, ‘You can’t have it.’

I said he’s wearing the wrong one,” Stila said.

He took it up with the hospital, who told him the hospital staff was too busy to take a picture of the hat.

“They said I have to have it back,” he told them.

The next day, Stiles was back at the hotel with a photo of himself in the hospital’s parking lot.

“The guy had it in the back seat of his car and said, I have it on my dashboard.

I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is a nice shirt.'”

He then showed the hospital staffer a photo he had taken earlier of the jersey on his car dashboard and the nurse asked if he wanted to take it home.

“That’s when I realized it was not just my jersey, but all of his jerseys,” he recalled.

The Dallas fan apologized for putting the hat on Stiles’ head and the staff offered to take the hat off and return it to Stiles.

Stiles decided to return it, but the hospital had it removed the next day.

The man apologized to Stila for “playing around” with the hat and offered to help him get a new hat for the next fan.

Stila agreed to do so and told him he would pay for the replacement.

Stils returned the hat to the hospital and told them he would keep the one he had before.

“You got to understand, the person is the one who is supposed to wear the uniform,” Stilts said.

The fan is no longer wearing the hat, and Stiles and his family are still a Cowboys fans.

Stile has had some positive interactions with fans and a few Dallas Cowboys fans have been kind to him.

“Some of them were really nice, and they’re just really nice people,” he explained.

“When I’m sitting there with my son in the car and the kids are screaming, ‘I’m going to get a Cowboys shirt!’

It’s pretty cool.”

The Dallas Cowboys and their fans have enjoyed a strong 2017 season, going 8-4, the best record in the NFL.

But Stiles thinks the team has only gotten worse since the start of the season.

“There’s just not that much that’s new,” he added.

“What’s going on is just bad.

I think this is what the fans want to see.”

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