How a zoo named after a porn star changed the face of animal welfare in New York

By: Amanda Macias, The Associated Press A new zoo in Brooklyn is giving its animals the gift of love.

The park’s first-ever mascot, a giant red panda, is named D-Pooper.

He is the only animal at the zoo that will not be able to communicate with humans.

D-pooper is the mascot of the park’s new animal sanctuary, D-Culture, and he is the first of the zoo’s zoo animals to be trained to communicate.

The sanctuary is part of D-Pod, a partnership between the city and the American Animal Hospital Association.

The AHA and the city agreed to create D-pod because, after D-Roper was adopted from the Animal Hospital, the zoo had become overrun with pandas and tigers.

The pandas were killing animals.

So the zoo needed a way to help pandas to not be killed.

So they decided to give them some love.

A new mascot, D