When Metro stops its ‘gut-check’ on zoo animals, Metro says it won’t change its animal care guidelines

A new rule adopted by Metro’s transit agency in Washington DC says zoo animals cannot be kept in a cage or a pen for long periods of time. 

The rule was developed after an outcry from animal advocates. 

“Zoo animals should never be kept on concrete floors with people or tethered to other animals,” said David Brown, director of Metro’s Animal Services. 

Metro said the rule is designed to keep animals healthier and prevent overcrowding.

The Metro Zoo’s exhibit includes the polar bear and a bear cub. 

For more information on Metro’s new animal care rules, visit  www.metro.com/animalsafety/animaltrainsafety/animal-safety-animal-care-rule/ and www.metrosource.com. 

You can find the new rules here:  http://blogs.wsj.com