How to save your money at the zoo

The Orlando Zoo has an annual budget of $1.5 billion.

That’s the equivalent of about $9 million for every person in the city.

But the zoo has been hit hard by recent events.

The zoo’s animal shelter, which is on the verge of closing, has been closed since last fall.

It also recently closed the world’s largest indoor water slide, and the world-famous zoo’s famed zoo water play area.

The zoo’s budget is also falling short of its budget for 2016.

The 2016 budget included $8.4 million in capital improvements and a $1 million capital investment in the new WaterPlay Park.

In December, the zoo opened a new water park in a former horse barn on the zoo’s property in the middle of downtown Orlando.

It was the first such water park for the zoo since the 1970s, when the zoo purchased a building that housed a horse breeding facility for its elephant exhibit.

The elephant was later euthanized.

Now, the new water parks, along with the Animal Hospital, are in need of funding.

Zoo officials have been in talks with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity about a possible capital grant, but they have yet to receive a formal offer.

And the city of Orlando is also asking for help.

“The city’s in the process of looking at capital projects and funding,” Mayor Teresa Jacobs said.

If we have more funds, we’ll continue to look at ways to improve the zoo and the water park.

Jacobs said she hopes to meet with officials from the zoo in a few weeks.

We’ve asked for an offer and we’re hoping to be able to meet some of our goals.

And we’re looking for some support from the city.

“The city, which operates a $5 billion bond, is currently considering a capital investment to fund the zoo.

But if the city does not receive funding for the new parks, it could have to lay off workers and shut down the zoo altogether.

A new zoo is expected to open next year.