‘Big Bear’ zoo opens in Perth’s western suburbs

Perth, WA — The big bear and other wildlife have been a staple of Perth’s local wildlife communities for decades, but the new wildlife-focused zoo will be the first zoo in the city to be built specifically for them.

The new zoo, called Big Bear Zoo, will be built in Perth in a development that is expected to bring in a combined $5 million a year for local community groups.

It is the latest of a series of developments announced in Perth on Tuesday by Mayor Gregor Robertson.

The park will also include an interactive area for visitors to learn more about the animals and their natural history.

“This will allow us to get people up close and personal with these iconic animals and wildlife, and give people a chance to experience these wonderful places and be inspired by them,” Mr Robertson said.

The city’s first wildlife park was established in 1992 and now has more than 1,000 visitors a year.

Its location on the western edge of the city makes it ideal for the new zoo because of the low-lying, dry bushland.

The town of Blacktown has been a major visitor attraction for decades with thousands of people flocking to the park for the wildlife attractions, including a new park for endangered species and wildlife exhibits.

“People are coming from all over the world and they come in a variety of ways,” said Mr Robertson.

“They come from the US, from Germany, from Australia, from South Africa, from the United Kingdom, from Japan and so many more places.”

There is a wide range of ages, genders, ages and abilities, so this will allow people to come together to interact with the animals.

“Mr Robertson said the new park would allow for a new generation of visitors.”

We are going to be opening the park up to a new group of people, a new family, a whole new generation and that is going to benefit the community,” he said.”

The park is a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about the wildlife and the animals themselves and also have a chance for the animals to interact.