Why are zoo patrons not taking selfies at potter’s park?

It seems that, despite the zoo’s reputation for being the best in the world, visitors to its Potters Field Safari haven’t taken the time to take selfies with the animals that live in its enclosure.

As of Monday, only two of the zoo�s animals, the endangered yellow-billed platypus and the African lion, had been taken photos of by visitors.

In an article for the local paper, the Associated Press, which published the video, reports that visitors have been snapping photos of the animals with their cell phones.

It seems the zoo staffs inability to provide photos to the public is the reason for the lack of selfies.

In a statement, the zoo said it�s working on a new approach to getting people to take photos with its animals.�We are looking at the best technology to make that happen,� the statement said.

The zoo has been under a $3.8 million budget cut in recent years, with the zoo closing three zoo branches.