A New Zoo in Kentucky Zoo Lights Up with Zoo Lights

The Kentucky Zoo is lighting up with a massive LED light show that is bringing people to the park.

The zoo says the lights will light up all day long and will be going on for at least two more days before the park closes at 5 p.m.


The park is open Monday through Thursday, but closes Saturday and Sunday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new lights come on during the annual winter solstice display.

The light show will feature over 100,000 LED lights, and they are going on all year long.

The zoo says they are hoping to get around 60,000 visitors a day by the end of the week, with more to come.

The light show was inspired by a song from the movie “The Princess Bride.”

A little girl in a princess dress sings the song in the park, and when she sings the words, “The light is turning on,” visitors turn to look and see a bright LED light shining through the trees and bushes.

It is the same song that was used in “The Jungle Book.”