When Australia’s zoo says it’s ‘proud’ of the Great Plains Zoo

Posted February 23, 2019 07:37:20Zoo Cabins Australia’s iconic Great Plains zoo says that while it was recently criticised for its handling of a baby dolphin in the early hours of Saturday morning, it was “proud” of its zoo and its “bigger picture” of the future.

Key points:Zoo Australia says it will be ‘pushing forward’ to build a new facility in the Great ApenninesThe zoo says its biggest problem is the lack of dedicated facilities for its endangered animalsZoo CEO and former NSW governor, Jim Patten, has told the ABC that the zoo has been criticised for handling the baby dolphin, but that he feels it’s now “pretty safe” and “hopeful” that it will move forward with plans to build the new facility.

“The zoo is a little bit worried about it and I think that’s fair enough.

The zoo has got a bigger picture than just the zoo,” Mr Patten said.”

I’ve got to be honest, it’s not that we’ve been criticised but it’s that the environment that we’re living in right now is not conducive to conservation of wildlife.”

We are in the middle of an emergency that is really dangerous.

“It’s the biggest problem in Australia right now, and we’ve got a really bad situation with the koala population.”

If we don’t do anything, it will get worse, and it’s going to be a real catastrophe for the koalas.

“Zoo Canberra is proud of the zoo, its future and its big picture, and I know that that’s going be a very strong message for the world to see.”

Zoo chief executive Jim Pattin said the zoo was “very, very, proud” of Australia’s conservation efforts in the past.

“Australia is the only country in the world where we have a great conservation effort going into this emergency.”

When I came into office, we didn’t have any reserves, we had no wildlife reserves, no protected areas,” Mr Patterson said.

Mr Pattin was speaking ahead of the Zoo’s centenary celebrations next year, and he acknowledged the “difficult situation” of koalavans in Australia.”

In the past few years we’ve worked really hard to make our koalakas really safe, but they’ve got big problems, they’re not doing as well as they should be,” Mr Patin said.