Why do some animals at the zoo seem to be a little out of control?

A zoo in Indianapolis, Indiana, that has become a hub for the anti-vaccination movement has come under fire after one animal appeared to be exhibiting an unusually high level of aggression.

The animal was seen running at high speeds toward an exhibit that housed a variety of different animals, including giraffes, elephants, and zebras, as well as a large snake and a dolphin, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The zoo is known for hosting live shows featuring a live band.

The animals that appear to be acting out on stage seem to have been caught on camera, as some animals seemed to be walking toward the performers, the newspaper reported.

Several other animals have been seen running in and out of the zoo’s grounds, as seen on video, the Star reported, citing a source who witnessed the incident.

The zoo’s management and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were not immediately available for comment.