Cleveland Zoo opens electric ‘zoo’ in an electric car park

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland Zoo’s new electric vehicle park is open for the first time, and is open to guests, according to its website.

The park opened last year with no guests, but the Cleveland Zoo recently had more than 3,000 guests in its new exhibit, “Inside the Zoo.”

The zoo is planning to open an electric vehicle charging station and a large food court this summer to cater to those who might not have access to electric vehicles.

“The new vehicle park, which opened in 2016, was designed to accommodate guests with no access to an electric automobile,” the zoo said in a statement.

“It will be a safe, fun, and environmentally friendly way to experience our zoo, and allow us to showcase our amazing animals, natural history, and conservation efforts.”

In addition to the electric vehicle and food court, the zoo has been renovating the grounds and building new spaces, and has already started planning for the 2020 season.

For more on Cleveland Zoo and other zoo news, follow us on Twitter: @BBCNewsEntities in the park will include two different types of electric vehicles: electric vehicles that will be used to ferry guests between attractions, and a car that will ferry visitors to and from the zoo’s food court.

Zoo spokeswoman Mary Dutton said electric vehicles are allowed in the zoo because they are safe.

Electric vehicles have been a contentious topic in Cleveland.

Last year, the city passed a law to allow electric vehicles on city streets, but opponents of the law say it will make it harder for them to reach people with disabilities and low incomes.

Some residents also say electric vehicles could be more of a threat to the health of wildlife in Cleveland, and that they worry about the impact they will have on people’s ability to walk or ride a bike or to get around on sidewalks.

A study by the University of Chicago released in September showed that an electric-powered car can significantly increase the likelihood that an animal will die or be injured during an accident.

It also found that drivers are less likely to report a crash if they have a high-voltage battery.

A study published last year by the American Journal of Public Health found that electric-car drivers are more likely to suffer from anxiety, and are more frequently distracted, and have higher rates of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among other ailments.

Other parks in Ohio have opened in the past few years to accommodate electric vehicles, but Cleveland Zoo has the most modern facility and offers more amenities.

In addition, Cleveland Zoo will also have a parking lot, where guests can park in a designated “parking garage” that has electric vehicles and a shuttle service.

The zoo will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and visitors will be able to visit the zoo in its full-sized exhibit.

The zoo’s new entrance on the third floor will be reserved for guests, not visitors.