How to respond to Trump tweet on zoo animals

With President Donald Trump tweeting at the zoo on Monday, the world has had its fill of zoo animal lovers.

Here are some tips to help you react to the president’s tweets.

First and foremost, the zoo is a public facility and is open to the public.

Second, if you are a zoo visitor, please refrain from acting in a way that would encourage other people to behave in a manner that would be disrespectful to the zoo’s animals.

Third, the president is the one who owns the zoo and should have the final say on how the zoo will be run.

If you see someone acting inappropriately or if you think someone is acting inappropriately, please call the zoo or contact the appropriate authorities.

Fourth, if the president or zoo staff makes any comments that seem to be aimed at you, please immediately report the situation to a zoo security official or other appropriate person.

Fifth, it is always best to be courteous to animals when interacting with them.

If someone in the zoo becomes upset or disrespectful, you can also leave the zoo.

Sixth, if anyone is harmed by your actions, please do not attempt to harm or injure the animal.

If it is necessary to use force to stop an animal from harming or injuring another person, use a non-lethal tool, such as pepper spray.

Seventh, if your actions are perceived to be threatening or aggressive toward anyone, you will be asked to leave the facility.

Tenth, if someone else in the same situation does not want to be part of the discussion, please leave.

Eleventh, you do not need to agree with the president.

You can disagree with the zoo, or simply have a civil discussion about the importance of protecting animals.