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New year, new zoo lights!

We’ll see the most important things happening at the new Columbus Zoo in 2019, as well as the most exciting new projects in 2019.

First up is the new 2018 Zoo Lights program, which will be hosted by Zoo Chaffee.

This is an all-new program that includes an extensive and exciting collection of zoo lighting and lighting effects that will be used throughout the park.

For 2019, the new Zoo Lights will be a big addition to the Zoo.

As we previously reported, the entire zoo will be completely dark for the entire month of December.

But the lighting effects will be all new and unique.

They are not just a retro look, they will be new, original and different from anything we’ve seen in previous years.

We’ll also be seeing some spectacular lighting effects from the Zoo’s LED light system.

The new 2018 Lights will also have some great new features like a giant interactive map of the zoo, a new and expanded area where visitors can interact with their animals and even explore a little bit of the Zoo, which is currently a series of smaller, more intimate areas.

In addition to all of that, we also have a number of new additions and additions to the current Zoo Lighting System that will make it more than just a show and exhibit.

For example, the 2018 Zoo Lighting is the first new lighting system to feature a large screen for a while.

This new screen is currently used by the Zoo to monitor the animals’ movements and the condition of the animals and the Zoo is also planning to use this screen to provide a live video feed to visitors for a new season.

The 2017 Zoo Lighting also uses a large, new screen, but it will be smaller in size this time around.

The 2018 Zoo will also be using a new interactive map where visitors will be able to zoom into the Zoo and see different areas of the park and even interact with the Zoo animals.

As you can see in the above image, the map will include interactive graphics and live video of the Animals, the Zoo staff and other visitors in various areas of Columbus Zoo.

This map will also feature an interactive map for visitors to zoom in on specific animals, including a lion that will lead visitors through a maze of rooms and into a cave.

There are also a number other interactive features like the interactive map that will include a video of visitors interacting with animals and a variety of other interactive elements.

New 2018 Zoo lighting in progress for the 2019 season will be featured in a video posted to YouTube by the Columbus Zoo, and it will include some stunning new features and special events.

As of right now, there are some exciting new things happening during the new zoo lighting season.

For the first time ever, the 2017 Zoo Lights are being held on a new date in 2019 and the 2018 Lights are starting to show up on the Zoo website and at Zoo Chafee.

The 2019 Zoo Lights have a new theme, and the new theme will be themed after Columbus Zoo’s theme of “living in the moment.”

This means that visitors will get to see a wide variety of animal scenes from the current zoo lighting program and also the new 2019 Zoo Lighting.

The lighting will be very much in line with the current zookeepers’ goals to show visitors the animals they are interacting with.

And in addition to being a new, unique theme, the 2019 Zoo lighting season is also the first to include the zoo’s new interactive Map of the Park.

The Zoo is planning to have a variety at Zoo events like Zoo Chazee and Zoo Zoo’s Zoo Festival to feature some of the most innovative lighting effects and unique interactions that the Zoo has to offer.

We have seen many great Zoo events such as the Zoo Chastity and Zoo Chameleon programs, which highlight the Zoo as a destination that allows guests to learn about animal care, and Zoo Events that highlight some of Zoo’s more popular attractions.

The zoo has also had some very interesting and memorable new additions to their Zoo Lighting Program.

For instance, this is the latest addition to their Lighting System, which was recently featured in the upcoming 2018 Zoo Series.

The upcoming 2018 Zookeepics will feature a brand new lighting setup, which includes new LED bulbs, new LEDs for the lighting and new LEDs to replace the old bulbs that were phased out in 2020.

This latest addition was developed with the Columbus Animal Care Association and the Columbus Humane Society and is a great way for visitors and visitors’ pets to see and interact with a variety a new lighting effect.

Finally, the zoo has announced plans to add some very exciting new additions into the current Zookeeping Program.

These new additions will be an important addition to our Zoo Lighting and Lighting System and are also part of the new additions in 2019 that will give visitors the chance to interact with more of the animal and animal care facilities that are currently available at the Zoo in order to learn more about them and how they work. We are