Which animals will be at the zoo in the summer?

The Memphis Zoo is offering the public an opportunity to take part in the animals of the summer in a special event called “Summer of Animals” from June 1-10.

The event will feature a live concert by Memphis native and local musician A.B. King, with music by his band, The Muppets.

The Memphis-based music act was formed in 2007 and performs nightly at the Memphis Zoo.

The Muppet Band is set to perform its first performance on June 6, and is one of only two Memphis acts to have been inducted into the Memphis Philharmonic Hall of Fame.

The band is also one of the many Memphis venues where Memphis Zoo and Aquarium employees can meet the animals and interact with them.

“The Memphis Zoo was always known for its amazing and diverse wildlife, so we are so excited to bring them to life for the summer,” said A.C. King.

“A.B.’s passion for performing will truly make the Memphis zoo feel like home to him and his amazing music.

I’m so excited for him to have the opportunity to bring the MuppETS to life.”

Memphis Zoo is the second Memphis Zoo to announce a summer concert, the Zoo’s first was announced in 2015.

On April 14, the zoo held a concert to honor the city’s 100th birthday.

A.A. King will perform with a full band, including a live band, a piano and a guitar.

He will also perform with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and The Memphis Symphony Players.

The Memphis Symphony, which performs music by A. Ayer, will also provide a full orchestra with a piano, a bass, a viola, and a cello.

The full orchestra will perform a concert for Memphis Zoo guests at 8 p.m. on June 7.

The next event of the day will be the Muppet Zoo concert at 8:30 p.l.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $5 for children under 12.

For more information, visit marylandzoo.org.

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