How to buy a pet in New York’s Big Apple

BERNIE SANDIEGOZO ZOO, New York—Bruno and the family dogs in their living room are just the beginning of the challenges facing the zoo’s owner.

Bruno’s dog, Coco, is one of several new arrivals to the zoo that have already found their way into the enclosure and into the animal’s life.

It’s been a rough few months for Bruno and his family, who were struggling to keep Coco company.

Bruno has been at the zoo for 15 years, and is the zoo mascot.

His new owner, a retired dentist, had just purchased a new puppy from a pet store.

The dog has had little time to settle in, and Coco has been kept in a crate.

Bruno had hoped that his new companion would be a new addition to the family, a friend who would ease the burden.

Coco, however, has been the polar opposite.

Bruno said that when Coco was a puppy, she was the most friendly dog he had ever seen.

But when Coco started to show signs of aggression, Bruno said, the owner decided to put the dog down.

The new arrival is now the zoo vet’s only pet.

The veterinarian, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, said that he’s been seeing Coco and other new arrivals at the facility since Coco’s arrival.

Coco has started to take a toll on Bruno’s work.

Bruno is now spending more time with his wife and three children in New Jersey.

“She has to do more to make Coco feel welcome,” he said.

The vet also said that Coco has not been comfortable with Bruno’s presence at the Zoo, which he attributes to her fear of strangers.

“I don’t know if that is because Coco is afraid of people,” the vet said.

Bruno and the zoo are now trying to figure out what to do with Coco and what to make of Coco’s new found freedom.

Bruno, who is not allowed to work with animals, has a new hobby.

He is learning how to paint.

His hobby includes painting animals and their fur.

He also enjoys painting with a small group of people.

He has recently painted a bulldog.

But his passion is painting animals from the perspective of a human, Bruno explained.

“They are human beings, and they need to feel loved, cared for, and cared for by a human,” Bruno said.

In order to help Coco feel more comfortable at the Animal Services facility, Bruno and Coco are going to have to find some new ways to get along.

Bruno hopes that Coco will learn to appreciate people and learn to feel more human.

Bruno knows that he and Coco have a long road ahead of them, but Bruno said he hopes that with Coco’s newfound freedom, the Zoo will eventually be able to welcome more visitors to the animal enclosures.

“The zoo needs to make a commitment to Coco to be the best it can be,” Bruno wrote on his Facebook page.

“Coco is a unique little girl who deserves to be welcomed and cared as a family member.”