How do you score a goal with the best goal-scoring in the world?

I know, it’s a bit cliché, but it’s true.

Wayne Rooney scored in the FA Cup final against Manchester United in 2014 to lift the trophy and his hat-trick, which also saw him score a hat-tip to the former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Now he is about to score in a League Cup final and his side face Sunderland, but he’s already set to score another hat-tricks and has scored four goals in three games so far. 

Here’s why he is one of the best in the league.


The ability to score goals without a lot of pressure.

Rooney scored 11 goals in the Europa League, including three in the last four minutes of a game, and was also involved in three other goals.

He is a player who likes to get the ball to his feet, which is why he likes to score with speed and power.

But he doesn’t have to resort to the usual tricks, which usually involve holding on to the ball in order to get it into the net.

Instead he has the ability to pull the ball into the air with ease, like he did against Arsenal and he is also known to score a great goal-kick, whether it’s his second goal against Arsenal or the one he scored against Southampton in the Champions League final.


His pace.

When Rooney is in his best form, he is a brilliant footballer, and he can go on the run and score goals in no time.

His pace is incredible, which makes it difficult for opponents to know when to hold him back and when to press.

And he also has the natural ability to play off his back and be a goal threat from any angle, even if he has a very slow first touch.


His skill.

It was an eye-opener for some of us when he scored a hat trick in the semi-final of the FA cup against Liverpool.

This is a great example of his ability to make a great shot with a perfect pass, because he can make it to the back post with a great flick of the wrist and it’s easy to miss the net because of it. 4.

His speed.

I think Rooney has a really quick foot and he’s really fast, too.

When he gets the ball he’s going to be very dangerous because he’s very quick.


His accuracy.

A lot of people are going to miss him when he is in a deep position.

He has a lot going on in his head and the best players have very good vision.

He’s really intelligent, and that’s why you can tell he’s a really good player.


His movement.

There’s not many players who can run past a defender in such a quick way and then find space to score.

He does it every time he plays and that will be his trademark in the League Cup.


His ability to pick up and play with the ball.

In terms of how many goals he scores in the Premier League, he’s one of them.

It doesn’t matter if he scores against Arsenal, Liverpool, or Spurs, because the manager knows he is going to score against them.

He knows how to get back into the game and he knows what the opposition are looking for, so he can score every time.


His creativity.

You can see why Wayne Rooney has become such a player and I believe that it’s something that he is capable of becoming.

He is a goal scorer who can score a lot.


His passing.

The best player in the top division is someone who has such a good passing game, which he does with aplomb and confidence.


His goalscoring record.

Wayne Rooney is the best goalscorer in the English top division.

He scored seven goals in all competitions last season, including the FA Trophy final against Arsenal.

If he scores a hat‑trick or hat‑twos in the future, he will be the most prolific goalscorers in the history of the game.