How to build a zoo with a backyard park

A little-known part of Milwaukee County’s urban core, a park that opened in the early 1990s, has become one of the city’s most beloved destinations.

The park, known as Milwaukee Zoo, has hosted over 4,000 people, and the animals that have visited it have become a tourist draw.

Milwaukee County has more than 1,400 parks, parks and other facilities, and nearly half of them are privately owned, according to the Milwaukee County Parks Association.

In a 2016 survey of 1,500 Milwaukee residents, only 38 percent of respondents had ever been to the zoo.

One of the main reasons Milwaukee County has a zoo is to get animals out of the park.

A zoo is like a small private club, with animals ranging in age from six months to a dozen years old.

It’s not uncommon to see young lions or tigers at the zoo, said Jason Gansler, a senior project manager at the Milwaukee Parks and Recreation Department.

“They’re very playful and they’re quite energetic,” Ganslersaid.

“They’ll be jumping on you and they’ll get all excited about something, and they like to jump around and explore.

You can actually see that in the videos of the animals.”

The zoo has been open for more than 25 years, but the zoo was built in 1995 and opened in 1999.

In 2017, Milwaukee County received a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to add two more acres of land to the park, including a pavilion and a zoo exhibit.

The pavilion, which will be the home of a zebra and a hippopotamus, will house approximately 400 animals.

The zoo will also have two other exhibits, which have not yet been announced.

The zoo’s pavilion will be located in the center of the complex, with the zoo and pavilion built on top of each other, and there will be separate pavilions for lions and tigers.

A separate exhibit will house an African elephant, which was born in the zoo in 2008 and has been living at the park since then.

The zoo will be staffed with about 10 zookeepers, according a release from the county.

Each zookeeper will have the authority to supervise a zoo animal and have access to a number of zoos facilities including the zoo exhibits.

All zoo employees are required to wear uniforms and carry a health certificate.

The county has also partnered with a local law firm to offer free certification to those who visit the zoo from May to September.

Milwaukee Zoo is the second-largest zoo in the U, with approximately 5,500 animals.

It has the second largest animal population in the county behind the zoo at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

A large portion of the zoo’s animals are born on-site, and many of the younger animals, such as zebras, tigers and rhinos, are housed in a small enclosure at the front of the exhibit.