A rare baby lion cub is rescued at the Columbus Zoo

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has rescued a baby lioness cub, and it was named Fannie, after the state’s former mascot.

Fannie was found on a forest road on Wednesday after a passerby spotted her and called 911.

The woman named Fanny said she found her about 2 p.m. on the highway near Interstate 40 and I-40W in Columbia.

The baby lion was in good condition, and she was transported to the Colobus Zoo, where it will be housed with two other cubs.

It is one of two baby lions found in captivity at the zoo, along with two lions that were found on Oct. 2.

The two other lion cubs were found in a similar area, at the same time and in the same location, and were not injured, according to the zoo.

The zoo said it will begin breeding the cubs at the end of the month.