How to save a life at the zoo

The zoo’s founder says there is an inherent value in the act of visiting a zoo and there’s an opportunity to learn.

“There’s an inherent connection to a lot of the animals, the natural world.

And if you get to know these animals and they’re just kind of there for you, you get that connection, too,” said David Sperling, founder and president of the zoo’s Animal Care and Use Committee.

Sperles zoo animals are in good condition.

The animal’s owner, Lisa Pendergast, said she’s happy with the care and that the zoo has a new president.

“We are very pleased,” Penderglast said in a telephone interview.

“The new president, he has brought new energy and new direction.”

The zoo recently opened the largest outdoor exhibit in Canada, a new exhibit of pandas, pythons and lions.

Pendergs family, who owns the zoo, had been worried about the aging pandas and were worried the pandas were too weak to walk.

“It was the first time that we had a zoo in our hometown of Phoenix and it’s so sad that this pandas died,” Penders mother, Lisa, said in an interview.

She and her husband, Tom, who has worked as a veterinarian, had donated their animals to the zoo for years.

But they weren’t sure if the zoo would survive.

“I said, ‘I hope they do well because they’re not going to be able to do the job,'” Penderggast said.

“And they said, [they] would like to have some animals that they would like them to work with.”

When the zoo opened its new exhibit in October, visitors said it was an eye-opening experience.

“You can just walk in and see the animals that we have on the grounds and it is amazing,” said Lisa Pinder.

“They are so friendly and so caring.

It’s not like we’re getting a lot in return, but it’s really an eye opener.”

The pandas are being cared for at a local animal hospital, where they will be in quarantine until the end of the year.

Penders family is now moving into a home that has space for them to have a pet and to have access to their favorite spots.

The zoo is also making plans to open a pet park and exhibit for more than a dozen animals.

The pandabs are now in quarantine for at least a year, but some of them will be able get on the road to visiting people once they are released.

The animals are not in any danger, but there are other complications.

The veterinarians who have worked at the Zoo for the past five years said they are worried the animals could get sick from a lack of water.

They will also need to have regular vaccinations and some vaccines need to be given twice a day, every six hours, said Dr. John Bowers, president of Phoenix Animal Hospital.

“These animals are very healthy and we are very concerned about that,” he said.