Zoo cam zooms in on Indian Creek Zoo

The zoo cam zoomes in on the Indian Creek zoo, where the world’s largest camel is showing off to a crowd of thousands of visitors.

The zoo cam is located at the Indian River Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, and the animal was on display Thursday morning, according to a news release.

A large crowd of zoo visitors watched the camel’s antics as it walked through the zoo’s visitor center.

The camel, named Rambo, is a large male who weighs more than 500 pounds and is known for his ability to leap from his home to a wide distance.

The elephant, named Big Boy, is another male that is considered to be the largest in the zoo, according the zoo.

The elephants are all housed in separate facilities, and visitors must have a ticket to enter the elephant pens.

The cam is one of several features at the zoo that show off the cam’s capabilities.

The exhibit features live footage of the camel, elephant and elephant calves, which are all named Ram and Big Boy.

The videos show the cam jumping from one enclosure to the next as it jumps from a building to another.

The video is accompanied by a slideshow of Rambo and Big Boys activities, including jumping over fences and jumping on a moving train.

The zoos elephant facility also has a large cam, and it is currently in a temporary display.