Phoenix Zoo lights its first lights as it drives through zoo

A rare animal has been sighted in the Australian capital as part of the Phoenix Zoo’s drive through the zoo.

The wild boar was spotted roaming around the animal exhibit in the west of the zoo as the zoo celebrated its 70th birthday on Sunday.

The zoo said the animal is believed to be a female and it was being cared for by a zoo vet.

The Phoenix Zoo said it was lucky to have such a cute little animal and that it is a joy to see her around.

“The zoo is thrilled to be able to welcome a new member to our family,” a statement said.

“This is a special moment for all of us at the zoo and it will be with great pride and happiness for all those that visit.”

The wild pig was seen roaming around in the exhibit during the park’s drive in which it was on a wheelbarrow and was accompanied by a pet pig.

The animal was first spotted in the zoo in August last year, but was not captured.

It is the first time in the history of the world that a wild boars is being seen at the Phoenix.

The first wild boares were captured by the Dutch Zoo in the 1770s.