Big zoo opens in Cincinnati with new face, new logo

Cleveland-based Big Zoo Cincinnati announced Wednesday that it’s opening a new Cincinnati-based location in Ohio and a new logo for the zoo.

The new Cincinnati Zoo, which will be operated by the Ohio Zoo and Botanical Garden, will feature a new “zoo” logo, as well as a “zoon” and “zoom” logo.

The Cincinnati Zoo is expected to open in 2019, while the new Cincinnati Zoological Gardens Zoo will open in 2020.

The Zoo will be the second of the Ohio zoo systems to be upgraded with a new branding.

Last year, the Cincinnati Zoo also unveiled a new mascot.

The zoo will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

The zoo will also offer daily guided tours of the zoo’s zoo exhibits.

The Zoo’s newest exhibit, which opened in 2017, features the largest giraffe herd in the world.

The Ohio Zoo, the largest of the three Ohio zoos, opened in 1893.

The Cincinnati Zoo’s most recent renovation is the third in the Ohio system.