Williams zookeeper arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty

A South African zoo employee has been arrested on suspicions of animal abuse.

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The zoo employee, identified as William J Williams, has been named in a complaint lodged by the Department of Environment and Forests and is alleged to have repeatedly left his dogs at the facility.

The Department said it had received a complaint from a local woman about the welfare of her two dogs, a female and a male.

“The two dogs were left in a very uncomfortable and dirty state at the zoo,” a statement said.

“It is alleged that the zoo staff have ignored the need for proper treatment for the dogs, leaving them in extremely poor conditions, which was causing distress to the dogs.”

“The Department has advised the local community to contact police to assist in investigating the matter.”

The statement did not say how long the zoo was in the process of removing the animals from their enclosure.

Williams has been charged with one count of animal neglect and is due to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday.