Zoo in New Mexico unveils giant gorilla costume

The giant gorilla costumes were invented by a local zoo in New York City, and the staff has now unveiled them on social media. 

The costumes were created by a group of local artists called “The Giant Zoo”, and they have already gone viral.

“It’s a really cool idea, it’s like, what if you could make the most of a gorilla, the most powerful animal in the world,” said the creator of the costumes, Andy Schooner.

“What if you took all these animal-like beings and made them into something really cool?”

“This is my idea for the biggest gorilla costume ever,” he added.

The costumes, which are based on gorilla anatomy and costume design, were unveiled by The Giant Zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“They are not just an incredible costume, but they are an incredible representation of a real gorilla,” the zoo’s website reads.

“The costumes represent the real gorilla and their ability to interact with humans.”

“They’re just a beautiful representation of what the real gorillas are like.

And I love them.

The costumes are so beautiful, so lifelike.

I’m sure they will look great on a gorilla costume, and I’m really excited to share them with my friends and family!”

Mr Schooners mother, Amy Schoonera, said the costumes were inspired by her own mother, a gorilla and the animals in her zoo.

“I grew up watching animals,” she said.

“She was a gorilla.

She was a giant gorilla.

I grew up in a zoo with them.”

So it’s really cool to have something like this for my mother that I grew with, that I look up to and feel like I know her from the ground up.

“Ms Schooneri, who is now in her 20s, said she had been inspired by a video she watched of her mother, an American Giant, in a gorilla suit.”

My mother was in a suit, and she had these huge muscles that you could see on her back,” she explained.”

And I remember seeing that video, and thinking, that’s really the essence of what I wanted to do with these costumes.””

My mom was in the suit, but I’m in a real, human body,” she added.”

This was my mother, and now I have this incredible, lifeliest gorilla costume.

“The costumes are made up of real gorilla parts, including a “head, torso, and arms”, and can be purchased at The Giant Zoological Museum in Albuquerque.”

We are going to be able to take them down into the wild, and bring them back to the zoo,” Mr Schoonerman said.