When Scorpions: New York Zoo opens its doors to the public

New York’s New York Zoological Society will open its doors on Wednesday to the general public to the first public visit since the controversial zoo announced the closure of the zoo’s main exhibit in April.

In a statement to IGN, the zoo announced that the new exhibit will be relocated to its larger exhibit in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

“The exhibit will remain in the Meatpacking district until the new exhibits are complete,” the statement reads.

“We will continue to support the new Zoos through the opening of the exhibit and hope that you will join us in welcoming the new species of Scorpions to New York.”

The announcement came a week after the zoo closed the two main exhibits at the Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando and announced plans to close the remaining two major attractions.

The two major exhibits were formerly the mainstay of the Animal Zoo in Orlando, but were also closed last fall for repairs and maintenance.

The new exhibits will include a small section dedicated to Scorpions.

The zoo has also announced plans for a new exhibit in its main building in New York, a section dedicated solely to Scorpion exhibits, and plans to reopen the Animal City Park attraction, the largest and oldest remaining attraction in the Animal World.