This is zoo lighting! Chicago Zoo Light show kicks off in earnest

From its beginnings as a small outdoor zoo in Chicago, Chicago Zoo Lights is one of the most well-known and well-loved zoos in the world.

Today, the zoo celebrates the 20th anniversary of its lighting program and the first Zoo Lights Show of the season.

As part of the festivities, Zoo Lights has partnered with the Chicago Department of Parks & Recreation to provide guests with an immersive experience to mark the occasion.

The event will take place from November 9th to November 17th.

Zoo Lights host the first show of the 2018-2019 season with the opening ceremony and will host a second show on December 1st.

“We are so excited for all of our guests and for all those who are new to Zoo Lights,” says Zoo Lighting President, Paul Lutz.

“The Zoo Lights team will be making a big show out of lighting the entire exhibit for our guests.

We will have some really exciting surprises and we are already working on a few surprises.”

Guests can expect to see lots of lighting, including lights that will be positioned on the walls of the zoo and the Zoo Light Show’s signature theme.

The lighting program will run throughout the year.

Zoo Lighting will also be celebrating the Zoo Lights Festival in November, which will include exhibits, interactive exhibits, and live music.

For more information about Zoo Lights and other events at Chicago Zoo, visit the

The Zoo Lighting Program is the only one of its kind at the zoo, and will be a huge celebration of the program and its history.

The show is a celebration of Zoo Lights, and it’s an exciting time for Zoo Lights.

Zoo lights will be the first exhibit of the Zoo Lighting program to be open to the public.

“Zoo Lights is a show that has been in the works for many years,” Lutz says.

“It’s the most popular exhibit in the zoo’s history and we have been very lucky to be able to work with Chicago Zoo Lighting to bring it to life.”

In addition to Zoo Lighting, the Chicago Zoo has announced it will host the 2018 Zoo Light Music Festival on October 26th and the 2019 Zoo Lighting Music Festival and the 2018 Zoological Society of America Annual Meeting on November 4th.

Both events will take over the Zoo’s grounds.

In 2019, Zoo Lighting is also hosting its first Zoological Museum Day on November 8th.

“As we enter the 20-year anniversary of Zoo Lighting we are thrilled to announce the 2019 Zoological Institute of Chicago Day of Service,” says Mark O’Connor, Zoological President and CEO.

“At this time of year, Zoo Light brings a new, exciting and exciting dynamic to the Zoo that brings the Zoo to life and shows the community how to engage with the animals.”