India’s biggest zoo opens its doors to a new generation

The world’s biggest and most famous zoo in India has opened its doors for the first time for the summer season.

The zoo, in the western city of Nashik, opened for the season on Sunday.

It will be the first in the world to have full-time staff.

The opening of the new zoo will bring back the glory days of the zoo in the 19th century.

It will be one of the most beautiful parks in India.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park will host over 3,000 animals, including some rare species, as well as other animals, like lions and tigers.

“This is a park of the future.

We have never opened this park before.

It is the biggest and the best in the country.

I hope we will be able to achieve a new era in the park,” said Vijay Prasad, the director of the park.