When Will Philadelphia Zoo Open Its First New Animal?

Philadelphia Zoo is about to unveil what it says will be the world’s first zooscope.

The $3 billion facility will be housed in an expanded, 2,100-square-foot building with more than 3,000 animals.

And in a bid to attract more visitors, the zoo is adding a new entrance to the Zoo-A-Gang, which opened last year in suburban West Philadelphia.

Zoo- A-Gangs opening in Philadelphia Zoo and its new entrance.

| Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo/Facebook The opening comes on the heels of a dramatic renovation of the zoo in 2015 that made the zoo a top tourist attraction in the city.

Now the zoo will have to wait for the new entrance in a building that was designed to house only humans.

A rendering of the new Zoo- a-Gan as it stands today.

| PHILADELPHIA ZOO via Getty Images Philadelphia Zoo opening, in a new, larger, building.

| PAUL CHAN via Getty The new entrance will open with more animals in addition to humans, said Paul Chan, executive vice president of zoo operations.

The zoo will be open daily from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m., and visitors will be able to interact with more of the animals, which include pandas, lions, tigers, and a rare species of wild boar.

“This will be a new era in our zoo, and the opening of the Zoo Zoo-Gans will provide an exciting glimpse of the future,” Chan said in a statement.

The new Zoo Zoo is located in the heart of the city’s Philadelphia neighborhood, a suburb of Philadelphia that is just about every other city in the United States.

The city also includes a huge zoo in the Bronx that houses some of the world`s largest animals.

The Zoo Zoo’s new entrance is one of many expansions at the zoo, which was built in the 1960s and has had a busy life.

The animal-friendly building includes a large animal sanctuary, a bird sanctuary, and an aquatic exhibit.

And there will be more than 700 animals, including a giant panda, a rare tiger, and two species of lemur.

The original Zoo- Zoo-Bangs opened in 1974.

Now, the new building is being expanded, and it will include an expansion to hold 4,200 animals, the animals at the center of the original Zoo Zoo are also moving to the new facility.

The opening is the second big announcement of the week for the zoo.

Earlier in the week, the New York Times reported that the zoo had started construction on a new exhibit that will open later this year.

The park also announced plans to add an underwater aquarium, a live-animal zoo, a children`s zoo, new outdoor spaces for animals, and new exhibits for children.