Phoenix Zoo to host ‘zoo light’ show for Christmas lights

Phoenix Zoo will light up the night with the lights from its Christmas tree, lighting up the streets of the city.

Phoenix Zoo announced the light show in a video posted on its YouTube channel on Tuesday.

“As we celebrate the holiday season, the Phoenix Zoo is excited to light up some of our most popular and most iconic attractions in a special light show to mark the start of our new year,” Phoenix Zoo’s CEO, John Ralston, said in the video.

The lighting will begin at 7 p.m. on December 24, with lights on the trees in the main hall, along the north side of the building, and on the other side of a narrow corridor.

There will also be LED lights on a small balcony at the entrance to the main sanctuary. 

“I know many of you are wondering what the lights are, but you’ll be glad to know they are a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, inspired by the original designs of the Phoenix and Arizona Zoo,” Ralstone said.

This will be the second year Phoenix Zoo has made the lighting show happen, with last year’s lighting ceremony in February. 

The lights will be controlled by a robot, and they will light from a central light that can be programmed to dim down to one light every two minutes.

The lighting is part of a $3.4 million investment by Phoenix Zoo and other local businesses to bring light to the zoo, including a new indoor zoo exhibit.

The new LED lights will also feature a “light display” that will be lit at night to simulate the night sky.

“With this new lighting system, the lights will create a spectacular, animated scene for the Phoenix community to enjoy,” Ralsston said.

“This year’s lights are part of our commitment to bring the world’s most popular zoo to life with light, sound, and color, and we are thrilled to see the city embrace this vision and welcome visitors into the zoo with smiles and a sense of wonder.”

The zoo will also host a holiday party on December 26 for the first time in decades.

The Phoenix Zoo celebrates the holidays with a light show every year.

The lights will change each year, with the latest lighting set to take place on December 30.