How much did the new Ohio zoo cost?

The Ohio Zoo is spending about $6.4 million to expand its animal population.

It plans to add 1,000 animals to the zoo’s herd, expand its breeding program and hire more staff.

The zoo was built in 1939 and opened in 2016.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the zoo is spending $6 million to renovate and expand the zoo in a bid to make it more welcoming to the public.

Ohio Zoo’s expansion plans The zoo will hire 5,000 additional staff to provide a more diverse mix of animals.

The project will be financed with a $3.6 million state grant.

The park board approved a plan to build a new outdoor pavilion and visitor center.

The expansion will cost $1.4 billion and includes construction of a new visitor center, an indoor pavilion, and a new entrance for zoo visitors.

The $1 billion expansion will also add an outdoor seating area and visitor information kiosks.

The state is giving Ohio Zoo $2.4-million to create a new exhibit, and $500,000 to help pay for the new exhibit.

The Ohio State Department of Natural Resources will be the agency overseeing the expansion.