Stone Zoo, the Russian zoo that’s got the ‘Stone’ name, is closing

Stone Zoo in Moscow is closing its doors, the zoo said in a statement.

The news came just two weeks after the zoo announced that it would close its doors for good, in the wake of a court ruling that struck down a state law that banned the public display of stone in parks.

Stone Zoo had a “history of strong growth” since opening in 2011, it said, adding that the zoo would continue to serve visitors with a “special passion for nature.”

But it added that “in order to ensure the continued existence of the Stone Zoo as an institution and to provide a platform for our guests to express themselves, we will be closing the Stone Zone in 2019.”

In an email to Mashable, the museum’s director, Natalia Yurchenko, wrote: “In this particular case, we felt it was the right decision for the future, because the Stone Park is no longer able to be used for public activities.”

A Stone Zoo spokesperson said the zoo had no immediate comment on the news.