Zoo to get new exhibit, new animal care program


— Zoo and Animal Care Centers of America will begin a pilot program on Friday to introduce new and diverse animal care and enrichment options, according to a statement released by the organization.

“This will provide the first step in our long-term commitment to provide the best animal care possible for our visitors and guests,” the statement said.

The new program will be housed at Cameron Park Zoo in Hattiesburgh, a zoo that is owned by a subsidiary of the zoo chain.

It will be the first time the zoo and Animal Control Department have partnered to offer animal care.

This is a great opportunity for us to work with the zoo to create the animal care that we all want and deserve, the statement continued.

For the first two weeks of the new program, visitors will be able to interact with a new animal, such as a dog, bear, bird, or guinea pig, while a new exhibit will be built, including the new “Sophie the Dinosaur,” a new petting zoo.

Visitors will also be able tour a “Petting Zoo” where visitors will meet new animals, play with toys, and enjoy petting.

In addition, visitors can visit the Zoo and Animal Containment Room, a new area that will feature new equipment for animal care, including a new video surveillance system.

Zookeepers will be working with the Animal Care Center of America and the Hattieburg Zoo, and will be adding additional veterinarians and animal care professionals to their staffs, according the statement.

Zoo staff will also receive training to teach them about how to interact and interact with animals, according their statement. 

The new animal facilities will be located at Cameron park and at the zoo’s other new animal enrichment facility, Cameron Park Animal Sanctuary. 

Zoo Director of Animal Care Dr. David Schulz said that the zoo has invested $10 million in the new animal treatment and enrichment programs, which include the “Sydney Morning Pup” exhibit, a play area, and a dog kennel.

Schulz said the zoo is also investing in animal care technology, and is working with other animal care facilities to create new and more effective programs. 

“The addition of new animals and new enrichment is a welcome development for our guests, our staff and the zoo, and we look forward to working with them in the future,” Schulz told the Times-Dispatch.