How to help a zoo in need of a big heart

A zoo in southern Ontario is asking for help.

An employee has been arrested for stealing a pair of panda cubs from a nearby zoo.

The cubs are being kept at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Peel.

The mother and father were rescued by another zoo in the area.

The animals have been placed in foster care at the zoo.

It’s believed the cubs were stolen by an employee of the zoo, who left them in the care of another zoo employee.

“We don’t have a problem with any animal, we just want to see the cub being properly cared for,” said Dr. Mike Krasinski, who runs the Henry Early Zoo.

“I am aware of the situation and the zoo is working with us to get the cub back.”

The zoo has a staff of 12 people.

The cubs, which weigh about three pounds each, are being cared for by staff members from the two parks.

It is believed the mother and the father have been separated since their birth.