Why is it important to keep an eye on how your zoo’s animals are being treated?

Honolulu Zoo officials are looking into the care of at least two of its animals following an incident where two elephants were shot with a .38 caliber gun by an adult elephant in June.

A zoo spokesperson told Business Insider that the elephants were in a large group of elephants, which is prohibited in the zoo’s public areas, when an adult male elephant started shooting the elephants with a long-range weapon.

According to a video of the incident posted by the Hawaii Zoo, the animal was shot while in the area of a grassy area, and the male elephant then started walking towards the animal.

The zoo released a statement on Tuesday afternoon saying that the incident was reported to the authorities.

The statement added that the zoo would “conduct a thorough investigation” to determine whether there was any further wrongdoing by the adult elephant.

The animal in question was shot in the face, but no injuries were reported.

“The adult elephant shot the elephants.

We are aware of the video and are currently conducting a thorough review of the situation,” the statement said.”

This incident will not impact our ability to work with local authorities to address animal welfare issues.”

The zoo was not immediately available for comment.