What the hell is this thing?

I was at the Alamo Zoo in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday, and while I was there, I took a video tour of the new baby giraffe exhibit.

The giraffe was one of the highlights of the zoo, and it’s really quite a sight.

The little guy, named “Mimosa” was born just two weeks ago, and she’s now doing quite well.

But the zoo hasn’t released a full photo of the baby giraffes yet, and I couldn’t find any information about the zoo’s plans for this little creature.

I was hoping to find a few more details on the baby, but it’s not clear what kind of baby it is.

I went to the zoo with my wife, who is not an avid animal lover.

But, I did find a picture of the giraffe in her baby outfit.

So, I’m guessing that the baby will be more familiar to us than to the rest of us, but I’m sure that there are a lot of us out there who are curious about what the heck this baby girafan is doing.

The Alamo Zoological Society posted the following statement on Instagram: “MIMOSA is doing well at the zoo.

She is doing great with the other giraffans, and is enjoying playing with her siblings.

She will be able to be seen with her brothers and sisters at a later date.”

The zoo posted the photo of Mimosa on Instagram.

They did not have a statement regarding the birth date, but they did post a photo of a giraffe named “Kira,” who is a male giraffe.

That photo was taken on October 16, 2017.

The other giraffe, named Kira, was born on October 14, 2017, and they have named him “Samantha.”

I’ve been a fan of giraffas for years.

But it’s a little surprising to me that they’re now giving birth to a baby girass.

I suppose the zoo is just waiting for its big moment.

We hope the baby can continue to do well.