How to get free zoo tickets in Australia

How to buy tickets in the zoo in Melbourne and Perth and buy zoo admission tickets in Brisbane and Sydney?

Here are the steps you need to follow.1.

Book your zoo tickets on a mobile app.2.

Make sure you have the correct address for your zoo, the correct ticket number, and the correct phone number, as you need this when you arrive at your zoo.3.

Get in touch with your zoo’s Ticket Manager at (03) 6333-5111.4.

The Ticket Manager will be happy to help you with the details of the tickets you need.5.

Take a picture of your ticket, as it is important to provide proof of the ticket number.6.

When you arrive, you will need to fill in the correct details, such as the zoo name, name of the zoo and the park, as well as your address.7.

Once you have completed the ticket form, a new page will be presented for you to fill out and you will receive a confirmation email.8.

You will then need to wait a few minutes before the ticket is issued to you, and it may take up to a few hours to process your ticket.9.

Once the ticket has been issued, you can collect it in person at your local zoo or park.10.

If you are unable to get in touch at a zoo, you may need to collect it at another site, such to a car park.11.

If your zoo ticket is being issued at a different site than the one on which you were issued, your ticket may not be accepted.

If you cannot attend a zoo due to the weather, or the zoo is not available, you might also be able to purchase tickets in person, by visiting the Zoo’s ticket office.

If this is the case, you need a different ticket, such a VIP ticket, which is normally available to Zoo members, for a more affordable price.

To purchase tickets online at, visit or call (03)- 6333 5111.

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