The World’s Largest Live Zoo Cameras Set to Start at the Brooks Park Zoo

FOX News — The world’s largest live zoo cameras are set to begin in Southwick, Georgia, this weekend.

The Southwick Zoo’s Live Zoo Series has captured the imaginations of millions around the world.

Now, they’re ready for the spotlight.

The first two days of the series, called “Sisterhood of the Wolf,” will feature live animal encounters, and will be aired Friday and Saturday.

The zoo’s sister zoo, The Brooks Park Zoos, will hold a special two-day event on Saturday to announce the official dates for the series.

The series is designed to showcase Southwick’s unique wildlife, which ranges from giant deer and moose to lions, elephants, and bears.

Live animals will be filmed for three consecutive days.

The animals will interact with visitors, such as the lioness who has a crush on one of the zoo’s lions.

The live series also includes the world’s first live giraffe.

This wild creature was born in South Africa, but only recently arrived in the United States.

He’s the second-youngest giraffe born in the zoo.

The zoo’s director of public relations, Kristin K. Sperling, said the series will feature a number of different animals from the animal kingdom.

In addition to the giraffe, the zoo is also introducing a baby elephant and a male lioness, she said.

The giraffe will have a role in the series as a baby and will act as a “maiden companion” to the mother giraffe for the duration of the four-day series.

“Our goal is to get these animals in front of people and share our history and our stories,” she said in a statement.

“We’re excited about what we can do with these animals and are looking forward to sharing with the public our wildlife experiences in South, Georgia and around the country.”

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