‘I’m not going to go’: Oklahoma City zoo owner says he ‘wouldn’t go’ to the zoo

OKLAHOMA CITY — A zoo owner in Oklahoma City is saying he wouldn’t go to the Oklahoma City Zoo, despite being an animal lover.

Jason Smith, of the Oklahoma Zoo, said he loves animals and has a personal connection to animals but said that he would not go to a zoo where the animals were living in conditions that were not acceptable.

He said the zoo was doing an event on Tuesday night that was scheduled to include a photo shoot, but that they were not allowed to put on any costumes and that the event would not be allowed to continue because the animals had not been fed.

Smith said he is a “non-traditional” zoo owner, but he did not rule out returning to the facility, which was built in the 1930s.

The zoo has not yet said if it will bring in another animal manager.

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