How to watch Popcorn Park Zoo’s latest blockbuster, ‘The Best of The Best’

After an unexpected hiatus, the iconic Popcorn Palace will return to the airwaves in the US on September 19 with its first ever event, The Best of the Best.

It’s the first time the zoo has been able to broadcast live since the 2016 release of the film.

A documentary about the life of Popcorn, titled The Best, was a smash hit on the internet and was filmed in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

The documentary was shown at cinemas across the world including in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

‘It’s been a huge undertaking for us,’ said John Wollenberg, president of the Popcorn Parks and Gardens Foundation, the group behind the event.

‘We wanted to make sure it was a truly global event.

We wanted it to be a show that would be a joy for all who are watching.

It just didn’t happen.’

The festival’s first film, The Power of One, premiered at Cannes in 2015.

It was shot at the legendary Popcorn Studios in the English countryside.

This year, it will be shot at Popcorn’s new venue in Hollywood, California.

‘This was an absolutely fantastic event,’ said Wollberg.

‘There were so many great films that were screened and they all played at the same time.

We just felt we had to make this as cinematic as possible and that we wanted to get the best out of each film.’

It’s a great honour to be able to be part of this moment.

We had such a good time with all the films.

We’ve had the chance to see some great performances by the actors and the director.’

The best of the best will be screened at the event alongside some of the festival’s most celebrated artists, including The Roots and Mavis Staples, and an array of music legends including Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Coldplay and Alicia Keys.

‘I’ve always wanted to do this for a long time, but I just never felt like I was going to be one of those celebrities that had the opportunity to do it,’ said Popcorn.

‘But this is a chance for me to finally make it happen.’ More: