How to avoid being banned from Beardsley Zoo

When I first started researching this article, I did not realize the zoo had a policy banning beard-shaving.

As a result, I thought it was just an isolated incident.

The zoo did not issue a press release saying that beard-smoking was against the rules.

This was not the case.

It was a directive from the Oakland City Attorney. 

After a reporter pointed out the policy and I contacted the Oakland Police Department to ask about it, they told me that the policy did not apply to the Beardsly zoo. 

According to the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department, they received the policy in March of this year. 

“This policy does not apply at the Beardly Zoo.

The policy has been in place since March of 2016.

This policy was issued by the City of Oakland, not the Oakland Zoo. 

It is unclear whether the policy applies to other Beardsleys, or whether it applies only to the zoo,” a spokesperson told me. 

In a statement to the Examiner, Oakland Parks spokesperson Susan Miller said, “Oakland Parks does not have any information about the policy, and has no comment on the matter.” 

I asked the zoo’s PR manager, Laura Larkin, if the policy applied to the other Beardleys. 

She told me, “No.

The Beardsleys do not have a policy for beard smoking. 

The policy was not issued to other beards, and was issued to the Zoo in December of 2016.” 

When I asked why the policy didn’t apply to Beardsby, Larkin said, “It was an issue at the zoo.” 

According the Oakland police, Beardsbys staff and guests are allowed to use the restroom. 

A spokesperson from the city of Oakland told me the policy was meant to be enforced at the Oakland zoo. 

 “The Oakland Zoo’s policy does address public urination.

However, it does not include beard-related issues such as shaving, shaving products, or any other types of grooming.

The Oakland Zoo also does not allow public urinating at the public restrooms,” the spokesperson said. 

So how do I get banned from a zoo? 

The best way to avoid this ban is to wear a beard, and not use any other grooming products. 

Here are some tips from my friends at Beard Shop: If you are going to the local zoo, make sure you bring your own razor. 

 Make sure to get a beard grooming kit to help you get that beard. 

Bring a reusable plastic bag, a hairbrush, a comb, and a plastic bag to the bathroom. 

Don’t leave any razor blades at the toilet. 

Leave your beard in a box and not close the door. 

Have a towel handy to wipe your beard when you leave the bathroom and when you go to the restroom in the morning. 

Use a water hose and clean the bathroom every time you leave. 

I’ve already done the research.

I know the Oakland park system has no policies, so I will not be using their policies. 

If a beard ban is in effect, I will probably not be coming back. 

Thanks for reading.