Why the Idaho Falls Zoo’s ‘Kangaroo’ Statue Is Still In The Way

It’s a little early to tell, but the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department is still having some difficulty with the Idaho Zoo’s “Kangaroos” statue.

On Friday, Parks Director Jim Mollan tweeted that “we are working on a plan to relocate the statue” and asked for anyone with information to contact the department at (208) 654-7272.

Mollan then noted that “anyone with information can call the department’s hotline at 877-824-4227.”

He said the department is “working on a solution” for the statue.

“Please let us know how to proceed,” he wrote.

The Idaho Parks & Rec has been at the center of an ongoing controversy over the monument’s placement, with some members of the public criticizing the design.

Last month, the Idaho Department of Natural Resources announced that it would remove the statue from the grounds, citing concerns about potential conflicts of interest.