Tucson zoo to release new breed of panda to help it battle the pandemic


— The tucon zoo in Tucson, Arizona, announced Monday that it will be releasing the world’s first panda cub.

The panda was born to a pair of surrogate parents, the zoo announced on its Facebook page.

The zoo’s CEO said the cub was born with a special genetic defect in its brain that prevented the cub from having a normal brain.

The cub was transferred to the zoo in late December, and it has been in the care of the zoo’s panda curator since.

The zoo is also working on a cub with another special genetic flaw, said the zoo CEO.

According to the animal rescue organization, the cub will be born with an “extra-large head” and a rare genetic defect that has prevented it from having normal vision.

The tumbler-panda is being cared for at the zoo with the help of a pair from New Zealand.

Animal lovers will be able to buy a tumbliler panda t-shirt to wear to the tucun zoo, and other zoo-goers can bring their own tumblers and panda products to be sold at the tumbling zoo.

A new panda born in Tucson Zoo.

Photo: The Tucson Zoo via FacebookThe tundra panda, named “Hobbits,” is an endangered species that is native to Mongolia, China and parts of South America.

In late December of last year, the panda died of what scientists believe was an accidental poisoning.

The cub was released to a surrogate mother.