Which movie stars and films are best-known for their love of popcorn?

The top-selling movie franchises of 2016 were all films about animals.

In fact, all four of the top-grossing movies in 2016 were about animals, according to data from BoxOfficeMojo.

It’s not surprising that movies about animals are one of the most popular genres of movies.

As a result, it’s no surprise that the four films with the most tickets sold are all about animals: The Lion King, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles 2.

In 2017, The Incruibles, Finding Neverland, and Finding Dandy all grossed over $100 million.

It also made for the fourth-most-watched film in history: $3.9 billion in 2017.

It wasn’t that long ago that The Lion Kingdom grossed more than $500 million in its opening weekend, but it is still one of Disney’s top-five most-wanted films.

The Incroids 2 was a much-ballyhooed sequel to the 2010 blockbuster The Incricts.

It is a sequel to a film that was so well-received that Disney and Pixar are planning a sequel.

And while it may be an unassuming sequel, the fact that it is based on a franchise is something that has been a boon for the film industry.

It was the first Pixar film that earned a B CinemaScore, and it is a major factor in the success of Finding Dories.

Pixar is currently working on a sequel called Inside Out, and while it isn’t due until 2019, Inside Out has already earned more than a billion dollars in worldwide box office.

The only film that doesn’t feature animals in its film is Finding Dorm, which is about a teenage girl who is trying to keep her boyfriend’s heart.

This is not to say that movies are devoid of romance, but the romance that comes with a child-centered story can be a bit dull at times.

The fact that Disney was able to build a film around animals in a way that was both relatable and also fun is something no other company has managed to achieve.

That being said, it was nice to see that The Incroyables was a little more grounded in a Pixar-like way.

The LionKing, Finding Notheron, Finding the Nemo Movie, and the Finding Dora Movie were all about the story of the titular lion and the adorable little girl.

The Finding Doria Movie was an entertaining, lighthearted comedy about a group of friends trying to figure out how to save a damsel in distress.

The Dora Movies were more serious and were set in a fantasy world.

Finding the Incredible Movie was about the life of a young girl who gets trapped in a magical forest.

And Finding Drogies Movie was set in an alternate dimension, but also had a happy ending.

All of these films are a reflection of the film and life of children in general.

These films were a big hit in 2016, and they continue to resonate with audiences.

It only took a few months for Finding Dromas and Dora movies to hit theaters, and now they’re being made into live-action films.

And if the latest box office figures are any indication, this trend continues to be going strong.